The Vienna Mozarthaus is a museum dedicated to the life and work of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is located in the city center of Vienna, Austria, in the building where Mozart lived during the last year of his life. The museum features exhibits on Mozart’s life, including original manuscripts, letters, and personal belongings. It also has a concert hall where visitors can listen to Mozart’s music. The Vienna Mozarthaus is a popular tourist destination for those who are interested in classical music and the life of one of the world’s most famous composers.

Offer: 2 in 1!

With your ticket you can not only listen to Mozart’s best works, but also experience his lifetime in Vienna up close. His apartment at that time, which can be visited as a museum in modern times, is located just a few floors above. With your ticket you will learn what really happened behind Mozart’s closed doors.


Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

6:30 PM

Located in the heart of Vienna:

Domgasse 5, 1010 – Wien, Austria