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The Hundertwasser House: Vienna’s Architectural Gem and Its Global Influence


Vienna, a city known for its rich history and architectural marvels, is home to the Hundertwasser House, often regarded as its most beautiful residential building. This iconic structure stands as a testament to Vienna’s commitment to blending art with architecture, making it a significant landmark in Austria’s architectural landscape.

The Genius Behind the House: Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Born as Friedrich Stowasser, the visionary artist later adopted the name Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His life and works have left an indelible mark on the world of art and architecture. Here’s a glimpse into his journey:

  • Origins: Hundertwasser was not just an architect; he was a painter, environmentalist, and philosopher. His multifaceted personality reflected in his creations, making each of them unique and thought-provoking.
  • Birth Name: Many might not know, but the genius behind the Hundertwasser House was originally named Friedrich Stowasser. “Stowasser” translates to “Hundred Waters” in English, which inspired his pseudonym “Hundertwasser”.
  • Philosophy in Architecture: Hundertwasser’s architectural designs were a blend of art, individual freedom, and harmony with nature. He believed in an architecture free from the tyranny of straight lines. His disdain for straight lines and conventional design norms is evident in the Hundertwasser House. He championed the cause of individual creativity, allowing the residents of Hundertwasser House to design their façade, making each apartment unique.

Architectural Highlights of Hundertwasser House

The Hundertwasser House is not just another building in Vienna; it’s a masterpiece that stands out with its vibrant and unique design. Let’s delve into its architectural highlights:

  • Colorfully Decorated Exterior Façade: One of the first things that catch the eye when you look at the Hundertwasser House is its vibrant exterior façade. Unlike the monotone designs of conventional buildings, this structure boasts a myriad of colors, making it a visual treat.
  • Unique Feature: What sets the Hundertwasser House apart is the freedom it offers to its residents. They have the right to decorate the façade around their windows, allowing them to express their individuality. This feature ensures that no two windows in the building look the same, adding to its charm.
  • The Green Oasis: In the heart of the city, the Hundertwasser House stands as a beacon of nature. With over 200 trees and shrubs adorning its balconies and roof terraces, it’s a green oasis that offers a refreshing contrast to the urban jungle.

The Hundertwasser Village: An Extension of the Vision

Adjacent to the Hundertwasser House lies another marvel, the Hundertwasser Village. This space encapsulates the artist’s vision and extends it beyond the residential building.

  • Origin: What stands as a testament to Hundertwasser’s creativity was once a tire workshop. In 1990-1991, this space underwent a transformation, turning it into the marvel it is today.
  • Features: The Hundertwasser Village is not just a continuation of the house’s design; it’s a space that offers a unique experience. Some of its standout features include a quaint village square, a bar, and numerous stores that showcase products in the signature Hundertwasser style.

Kunst Haus Wien: Another Hundertwasser Marvel

Not far from the iconic Hundertwasser House lies another masterpiece by the same visionary artist – the Kunst Haus Wien. This structure, like its counterpart, is a testament to Hundertwasser’s unique architectural style and philosophy.

  • Proximity to Hundertwasserhaus: Located just a few minutes’ walk from the Hundertwasser House, the Kunst Haus Wien serves as a continuation of the artist’s vision, offering visitors another opportunity to immerse themselves in his world.
  • Absence of Straight Lines: One of the defining features of any Hundertwasser creation is the absence of straight lines. This design choice is not just aesthetic; it’s a reflection of Hundertwasser’s belief that straight lines are “godless and immoral.” The wavy contours and irregular patterns of Kunst Haus Wien are a perfect embodiment of this philosophy.
  • Exhibitions: The Kunst Haus Wien is not just about architecture; it’s also a hub for art. The museum houses a permanent Hundertwasser exhibition, showcasing his works across various mediums. Additionally, it hosts temporary exhibitions of other artists, offering visitors a diverse and enriching experience.

The Making of Hundertwasserhaus

The Hundertwasser House is not just a building; it’s a story of vision, collaboration, and global recognition.

  • Timeline: The journey of this architectural marvel began in 1983 and reached its culmination in 1985. Over these two years, what was once just an idea transformed into one of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks.
  • Collaboration: Behind the vibrant façade and unique design of the Hundertwasser House were three brilliant minds. While Hundertwasser was the visionary, architects Josef Krawina and Peter Pelikan played crucial roles in bringing his vision to life.
  • Global Recognition and Significance: Today, the Hundertwasser House stands as a symbol of Vienna’s architectural prowess and is recognized globally. Its significance is not just in its design but in its message of individual freedom, harmony with nature, and sustainable living.

Hundertwasser’s Global Influence

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was not just an Austrian marvel; his influence reached shores far beyond Europe. His unique architectural style and environmental philosophies have left a lasting impact on the global stage.

  • Hundertwasser Art Centre in New Zealand: One of the most notable international landmarks influenced by Hundertwasser is the Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Maori Art Gallery in New Zealand.
  • Green Pioneer: Long before sustainability became a global movement, Hundertwasser was championing the cause. He is often hailed as one of the first green pioneers in Europe.

A Personal Tour with Hundertwasser

For those visiting Vienna and keen on experiencing Hundertwasser’s vision firsthand, there’s a special treat awaiting.

  • “Kunst und Café” Experience: Located on the ground floor of the Hundertwasser House is the “Kunst und Café” coffee house.
  • A Guided Tour: The highlight of the visit is a free film where Friedensreich Hundertwasser himself takes viewers on a tour.


  • Can visitors enter the Hundertwasser House?
    Yes, visitors can enter certain parts of the Hundertwasser House, especially the ground floor where the “Kunst und Café” coffee house is located.
  • What is the Hundertwasser Village?
    The Hundertwasser Village is an extension of the Hundertwasser House’s vision.
  • How is the Kunst Haus Wien related to Hundertwasser House?
    The Kunst Haus Wien is another architectural marvel designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


The Hundertwasser House stands as a testament to Vienna’s rich architectural and cultural heritage.